Message from Our Founder

Hello and welcome to our world of Coaching.

APIC was founded with the hope of bringing human potential technologies to workplaces. Little did we realize, these new methodologies would become a platform to bring about greater awareness, accountability and affirmation to all who would be open to encounter it.

It is now our mission to bring Coaching to all walks of life throughout Asia Pacific and beyond — that it may be practiced and enjoyed as a lifestyle in our daily communication, interaction and relationships with people.

We look forward to be a part of your journey and celebrate your success stories.

Empowering you forward,


A group of passionate, ambitious, fun-loving people who believe
they can make a difference and impact the lives of others through coaching, consulting and leadership programs.
Introducing the employees, partners and affiliates of APIC

Audrey Chee

Associate Trainer, Coach and Director of APIC

Audrey has over 18 years of teaching capacity working with families (parents and children), having lead Montessori schools in Malaysia and in Australia. She has a heart for the young and the ‘young at heart’ with a simple mantra “to empower the young generation forward”.

Over the latter years, Audrey has been involved in training, facilitating and coordinating key training programs at APIC -­–­- from the Certificate IV and Diploma in Workplace & Business programs to the AMPDNA (iWAM Profile) Certification program to other Teambuilding and Leadership programs and interventions.

Audrey is a certified iWAM Profile Consultant and as her picture qualifies -­–­- she’s a Certified Coach, Speaker and Trainer with the John Maxwell Team (Globally).

Donald Lim

Associate Coach

Donald has had many years with multiple roles in SME Banking, Mid-sized Corporate and Corporate Banking for 6 Global & Regional Financial Groups. Donald believes that “a vision can only be birthed out of a passion” and his Passion is in Leadership Development and Coaching. Donald is a John Maxwell Team Certified Coach, Speaker and Trainer and has completed his training days for the Diploma in Workplace & Business Coaching with APIC.

Sulynn Choong

Associate Coach

Sulynn is a Positive Change Strategist and Certified Professional Coach having worked across borders and cultures, with professionals and executives to achieve optimal levels of performance and work satisfaction. Sulynn is accredited in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, FIRO-B, SHL Occupational Testing, Hogan Assessments as well as Belbin Team Role Profiling. Sulynn is also certified Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder-Centered Coach and currently applying for her PCC- level Coach Credentials with the ICF.

Sam Kurian

Associate Coach

Sam comes with strong HR, OD, Consulting, Coaching and Talent Management track record accumulated over the years at group, regional and country levels in the Asian region. Sam is a Certified EQ Practitioner and a Certified Behavioural Consultant and is also accredited in the iWAM Profile (JobEQ), Seville’s Wave and Talent Q Psychometric Assessment tools, Certified DISC Facilitator, Harrisons and Hogan Assessments.

Florence Lam

Associate Coach

Florence has come from years in financial institutions and has also won numerous financial awards to add to her credibility. As the current Vice-President of the ICF of Malaysia, Florence is a dynamic ACC-Credentialed Coach with the ICF and has coached many Business Units Heads and Senior Managers from a variety of industries. Florence is also trained to assess leaders with the Hogan Assessment, Trait Personality Inventory Assessment, Sales Trait Personality Assessment and the Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Assessment.

Vincent Chew

Associate Coach

A visionary, strategist and a business builder, Vincent Chew has a very special talent in envisioning the Peak Results of an Individual or a Business, and possesses an uncanny capability to enhancing processes & breakthrough habits towards helping people achieve Transformations in their Lives, Businesses and Organizations. Vincent desires to also give back to the local coaching community being our previous Vice-President of the ICF of Malaysia.

Debbie Wang

Associate Coach

Debbie is a highly experienced HR and People Development practitioner with extensive hands-on experience in various functions and industries. Over the last three years, Debbie decided to venture into the Training and Coaching realm. Debbie is a HR Performance Coach with the ICF-ACTP Diploma in Workplace and Business Coaching.

Rowena Danker

Associate Coach

Rowena comes with a deep level of awareness and understanding in how to thrive and deliver results, having impacted workplaces both locally and regionally. Rowena has always believed that hiring the right people for the right jobs, and then developing them with challenging roles was a way to maximize their full potential. She believes that coaching can help grow better leaders and elevate organizations to places they could never achieve on their own. Rowena is an Executive Coach having graduated with the ICF-ACTP Diploma in Workplace and Business Coaching.

Kelvin Chee

Associate Coach

Kelvin is a passionate and creative all round brand and team strategist with vast experience from both marketing and advertising world. And as a well sought after creative and team enhancement facilitator, Kelvin has facilitated many training programs/modules for local and multinational companies helping them to increase their productivity and performance in a personal and team level. Kelvin is a Performance Coach with the ICF-ACTP Diploma in Workplace and Business Coaching.

Connie Lim

Associate Coach

Connie loves everything that she does because it reminds her constantly of the amazing potential of the human body and mind. She has touched thousands of lives through her many years in training and extreme adventure teambuilding. Connie believes that the human potential is without boundaries; it is all a matter of choice. She is an NLP, Hypnotherapy and Timeline Certified Practitioner and also a passionate Coach at heart with the ICF-ACTP Diploma in Workplace and Business Coaching.

Mel Leow (MCC)

Founder of APIC,Catalyst,Leadership Coach

In 2005, something miraculous happened to Mel. He woke up from living his life “default mode”. Prior to the awakening, Mel was a Corporate Man who rose to the top of his game in the FMCG Marketing industry.

If you speak to Mel, he would often hear him say “Coaching changed my life” and “it made me a better husband, father and person”.

Over the years, Mel has been blessed to have gleaned from the best like John C. Maxwell, Sir John Whitmore, Dr. Richard Bandler and worked with many experts in the field of psychology, neuroscience and human development.

Mel’s Ikigai or reason for being is to “Empower the Next Generation of Catalysts and Leaders to be Brave”. And that’s the reason why he is an advocate and a believer of human potential.

As the Mentor Coach of the CCC Program, Mel brings with him 10 years of equipping young budding Coaches with the rigour of ICF-ACTP and ICF-ACSTH accreditations he has trained in the past. Mel has also personally earned the highest globally recognized accolade Master Certified Coach (MCC) from the International Coach Federation.

Through his years of working with hundreds of Extraordinary Workplace Leaders, Business Entrepreneurs and Social Change Igniters from Asia, Australia and Africa, he has always lived with a deep desire to see lives impacted and transformed.

The time is now for you to decide… Will you choose to Live your Life Brave?

Natalie Ashdown

Director of the Open Door Coaching Group

Natalie Ashdown is an experienced coach whose passion and commitment assists and supports individuals, teams and companies to achieve the amazing results that come from within the person and team. Natalie currently coaches executives, senior management and teams from Australia’s leading corporations, along with private business clients.

Natalie has held the role of Co-President of the International Coach Federation (ICF) for Victoria, has held the role of Co-Chair Professional Development and Events and holds the status of Professional Certified Coach (PCC). Natalie is the Director of the Open Door Coaching Group Registered Training Organisation.

Patrick Merlevede

Expert Modeller

Patrick Merlevede is the founder of www.jobEQ.com and Creator of the iWAM Profiling Tool. Patrick obtained a Master in Artificial Intelligence & Cognitive Science (1992) and a Master Degree in Business & Applied Computer Sciences (1990), both from the K.U.Leuven.

He is a specialist in Knowledge Management and Human Resources Management Applications of Emotional Intelligence. He co-authored 6 books, including “7 Steps to Emotional Intelligence” which is in available in over 10 languages and “Mastering Mentoring & Coaching with Emotional Intelligence”.

His personal client in relation to Telecommunications is Mobistar and Belgium Telekomm.